Hand Tools


Our hand tools are primarily for electricians and plumbing engineers despite that some of our items are originally designed for general applications. Our hand tools are manufactured by the prime factories in China and Taiwan and each piece is fully tested and checked before shipment.

In the early years, our hand tools were mostly for do-it-youselfers, but as the result of our pursuit for quality merchandise, we shift our focus gradully on a more specific area in the professional applications.

Most of our hand tools are usually packed in clear blistered clamp shells with backing cards while some others are packed in pounches, plain boxes or gift boxes. Buyer's specific packing methods, brandnames, logos, barcodes, stickers or other printings can also be arranged after discussion.

There are several hundred hand tools available. If you are looking for an item not shown in our website, either it is a high quality professional's tool or a give-away hobbiest's pleasure, please contact us with details.


If you have any question or specific request on the hand tool, please contact us with our contact form by