OUR business started in 1979 as a specialized stamping mould tooling shop and a stamped metal part producer in Taipei. To supply stamping dies and stamped metal parts to the electrical, hardware, and automotive manufactuers on OEM basis in the local market of Taiwan was the only business in the early years of our firm.

In 1983, we started supplying stamping dies to the overseas markets through a customer whoes headoffice in New York decided to use our services after a long period of trial and verification. Meantime, some of the stamped parts were also manufacturered by our stamping section which consisted of various stamping and pressing machines of different capacities.

In 1991, we sold our workshop in Taipei and moved all of our tooling and stamping facilities to Taoyuan. The areas of the new premises are about 1800 square meters which consist of three buildings respectively for tooling, stamping, and packaging. Here we use a series of new machinery to expand our stamping capacity and to upgrade our ability in tool designing and manufacturing.

Viewing that our exports have included more and more items from our OEM customers, and a very high percentage of these items could not be classified as hardware, the management decided to divide the manufacturing and trading sections as two independent companies in 1995. The manufacturing section was named Jin-Gwo Metals Co., Ltd. which was registered as a specialized stamping dies, stamped metal parts, and hardware manufactuer; while the trading section was named as Grand Brand Industrial Co., Ltd. which was registered as a general industrial products importer and exporter. Both sections are operated at the same location by the same management.

Our business grew steadily under our plan in the past 15 years in our works at Taoyuan. In 2007, we will move to another new factory with a total area of 3500 square meters. which is under construction now (02/2007). This is a centralized factory that will definitely increase the efficiency of our production management.

Today, our service has reached to customers in Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania. And the varieties of our product have already been expanded beyond the areas of stamping metal parts and hardware.

We appreciate our customers' supports since the establishment of our business, and we believe our service will continue in the next generation with our customer-oriented management in manufacturing, pricing, quality and delivery.